Han Rameckers

Beeldend kunstenaar

It’s only Art
A work of art by Han Rameckers makes no demands, it doesn’t ask anything from you and does not impose itself upon you either. It just exists.
This doesn’t mean it is averse to attention. On the contrary. A painting made up entirely of fake-precious stones? Hundreds of plastic cartoon figurines on a protest march? This wants to be seen! And yet, these works are so independent by themselves, it appears that they do not need to be shown in public.
Free from the burden that they are one with the world
Art is a way of life, an openness to the world from within. With everything that this entails in terms of poetry and rawness, vanity and elation, longing and inadequacy.
The works of Han Rameckers penetrate playfully and casually into an astounding existence. An existence that is the product of the imagination and can therefore only be lived as art.
Children and animals understand this already, now it’s the grown-ups turn.
It is this way of seeing, natural and firm, that speaks through all of his work. There is no need for further meaning making. What we see is life itself, unadorned and unpretentious, full of beauty. Something only art can do.
Art and art only.
Ko van Dun, March 2017